Wednesday, October 28, 2009

For Lauren. Thank YOU!

Come Inside and See What I Hide.
1.) I find that I am unusually attracted to gay men. Not like a fag hag. I just love the vibe some gay men give off. It gives me butterflies.
2.) If I ever came across Danny, I would let him know that I should have pressed charges.
3.) I once ran away from home as a child by hiding in the hatchback of my sister's car. It was the perfect plan, until they got into the car and spent hours looking for me. I had to sit and endure their panic because I was too guilty to let them know I was safely hiding in the back.
4.) I once did Ecstasy. And L-O-V-E-D it.
5.) My family nicknamed me "Humper" as a child.
6.) My father took me to see Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" when I was six. I was angry with him because I knew it was not a movie I could handle. I made him take me out of the theater, out of the lobby, and into daylight where I scolded him for making a poor parental choice.
7.) I have recently craved meat and feel very confused about this.
8.) My best friends and I (5-7th grade era) had a "make out" shed that we would bring boys to and practice making out. We would spin a boy around, have him toss a bean bag into a basket, and whoever's basket got lucky, would get lucky.
9.) I have fantasies of chasing a tornado. I also have reoccurring nightmares of saving loved ones and friends from tornadoes.
10.) I feel guilty about making bad choices in my dreams, even though they are just dreams.

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