Monday, April 5, 2010

*why i'm in love with life*

*i felt the baby move for 20 minutes straight last night. i sang to her. i talked to her. and she moved. and moved. and moved.*

*i'm sitting in a coffee shop, down the street from my new home. drinking black coffee, making mixes for good people, and realizing how good spring break is.*

*i woke up and did yoga for 45 minutes. windows were open and birds were chirping.*

*i live with two very driven, centered women who have embraced my being with warmth and support. one loves to cook, the other loves to hike with dogs. i'm totally in love with home.*

*i'm fully realizing how much i needed change and fully feeling how good change is when it's right.*

*my cd is in the process of being mastered, and i've come to a genuine place of appreciation for what i've created.*

*as i'm writing this, a dear co-worker walked into the coffee shop and just gave me the biggest "welcome to the neighborhood" hug. i really feel a sense of being EXACTLY where i need to be.

*i sat beside a friend's daughter yesterday and she kissed my shoulder and arms repeatedly, only to hear 2 hours later that she doesn't do that with many people. i felt love, in its more pure, unaffected form.*

*i had my stitches removed. FINALLY! have a mini-crush on the dr. who did the magic.*

*my theater project is getting some footing, and that's promising.*

*dear co-worker from above (who just gave me a hug) surprised me-came back with pizza from stone oven and we just spent the last hour talking about music.*

*i slept in my own bed last night (haven't for 5 months) and woke up staring at the space i have defined as my own. i love what i saw.*

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