Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april fools

April 1st
A perfect day to risk hitting on a Baptist baby.
I was a Catholic.
You were a girl
and so was I.

There was a spin of the bottle the week before.
Spinning…spinnin’…spin…stop. You.
We felt the difference.
(The difference was we would go on spinning like that bottle.
Eight Aprils.
You spent one or two away, but I kept tap dancing on your tongue.)

Our first date was a double date.
You brought a boy.
I brought a boy.
You and I went home together,
no pity for the fools who fell for us.

We were the fools,
fickle and fabulous non-fiction.

So April drops in again today,
joking over silenced memories and some two thousand miles.

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