Thursday, April 30, 2009


"The key to to let go of fear."
--Roseanne Cash

In a conversation I had with my mother last week, she expressed that she felt a change was coming for me. I wasn't quite sure what to make of the comment, but I trust it because of its source. I also trust it because I have felt something stirring within me, though I can't quite pinpoint what it is or how my life will be affected by it.

It's funny how there are specific times in our lives when we feel as though we are on the edge of something. When we feel the energy of forces beyond our body, pushing/guiding/channeling us. This "a change is coming" feeling is truly mysterious when it is, in fact, followed by something life-affirming/centering/changing.

So I'm raising my hands up and letting go of any fears that may keep my little spirit from growing the way it needs to grow.

Grow Maura, G R O W.

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