Thursday, June 25, 2009

bull semen

So upon my internet research for conditioning products that help curly hair like mine, I've come across a plethora of possible treatments that may tame my frizz. There are the traditional pricey conditioners by the fancy hair companies, the not-so-traditional remedies (vinegar, avacado, beer) that you can create at home.

And then there is bull semen.

Bull semen for hair.

After reading this article and talking with my hair stylist, I found myself buzzing with curiosity.

1. Who in god's name came up with the notion of using bull semen for hair?

2. How did they come up with the notion of using bull semen for hair? (Was it by accident, like they were cleaning out the barn, a bull got excited and exploded over someone's dry, frizzy head and suddenly, "Wow, my hair feels so soft. I'm going to make a million with bull semen.")

3. How do they go about getting the semen and who would actually want that job?

4. Isn't semen too acidic for hair?

5. If bull semen is good for hair, does that mean all semen is good for hair?

6. Does anyone feels this walks a thin line of beastiality?

7. Who would actually go into a salon and ask, "I'd like a hair cut, color, and bull semen treatment please?"

Imagine a commercial:

Lady One: Your hair looks fantastic! What's your secret????

Lady Two: (shaking her long locks in the wind) Bull semen.


  1. Seriously: I laughed out loud when this post title showed up in my blog fed.

  2. If you come home with ejaculate in your locks, please change the pillow cases regularly and maybe just sharpie BS for Bull Semen on anything you want to nestle your head into. It's only fair.