Thursday, July 2, 2009

I think I have a fairly controlled fear of heights. But it's a fear nonetheless. And sometimes it feels a little more intense than normal. I think when it comes to me, I can manage the fear. But when it comes to others being in high places, it seems to truly get the best of me. For instance, it kicks in full gear when I see toddlers inching near a set of stairs. I see horrible things in my head when they get too close to the edge (this may be because I fully launched myself, in walker, down a set of stairs as a toddler and experience flashbacks of other babies doing the same). Anyway, it's a knee-jerk gut reaction and it sets my anxiety spinning.

So when I came across this five year old hanging out on this, I felt my stomach drop and I wanted scream.

I'm just saying: I will never, ever ever ever ever want a glass balcony.

It would be the death of me.

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